About Jiten Mehta

With a passion for finding solutions for his clients’ needs, Jiten Mehta has become an expert in financial matters. For 20 years, Jiten Mehta has advised customers about their taxes, insurance, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Currently, Mehta is an accountant at My Tax Accounting & Business Service, LLC. He serves clients of all sizes, consulting with them quarterly regarding their financial statements and projecting future trends. He often assists in setting up limited liability corporations and partnerships that go on to achieve sustained success. Mehta handles the payroll for some customers.

He also worked as a tax preparer for H&R Block. In that capacity, he informed filers about federal and state regulations. In a recent year, the small office handled more than 1,000 returns. Prior to that, he held a position at Allstate Insurance Company, providing service for a variety of policies and earning a number of certifications.

In his native India, Jiten Mehta gained familiarity with taxes, auditing, and bookkeeping for Furgussion and company in Mumbai.

In his spare time, he participates in yoga, walking, and meditation. He enjoys making new friends, and appreciates American and Indian cinema.


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